Focus on your clients

You wish to

  • Propose a deal for which you have been mandated to our subscribers (fundraising, minority, or majority sale).
  • Distribute Invest Direct opportunities to your investor base.
  • Offer your clients our assessment, valuation or Vendor Due Diligence services.

Your benefits


Multiply your capacity to process incoming dealflow using our technology platform.


Gain access to a long-term investor base


Increase your productivity and propose new opportunities to your investors

Frequently asked questions

Thanks to our complete independence, you can submit your deal flow to us and concentrate on advising your client. You gain in productivity by delegating to us the assessment of a company. You can thus integrate Apollonian’s 25 analysts into your own services. If we distribute your deals to our investor community, we will charge a success fee of 4% on the amount invested.

Apollonian’s independent analysts are perfectly capable of assessing or valuing a company that will carry out a transaction in the future. If this transaction is too far in the future, the report will need to be updated.