You want to take even better care
of your portfolio companies?

You wish to

  • Independently assess or value your fund’s portfolio (on a one-off or regular basis)
  • Allow co-investment opportunities in your portfolio companies to a new investor community.
  • Get additional deal flow
  • Raise money for a new vintage

Your benefits


Assess your fund or portfolio companies independently


Improve and automate reporting to your LPs


Open your portfolio companies to new investors


Benefit from our deal flow and expanded placement capacity

Frequently asked questions

We can assess and value your whole portfolio as well as just one company.

These assessments/valuations can also be used for regular reporting to your Limited Partners, allowing them to get an unbiased analysis of their holding in your fund.

An assessment and valuation are not necessarily linked to a financial transaction. A simple update of the data will be necessary to proceed with a debt/equity issue.