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  • You get 100% of the funds
  • Immediate access to motivated investors
  • Benefit from the expertise of our teams in your industry
  • Design your own deal terms
  • We take care of your investor relations for free

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Frequently asked questions

INVEST DIRECT has implemented a proprietary 4-step selection process:

Depending on the responsiveness of the company to provide us with the required documentation, this can vary from 1 to several months.
The independent valuation is carried out by Apollonian. We have negotiated a preferential rate, without any kickback.

No documents are freely available on our website.

A confidential one-pager or teaser is available to our partners (private banks, wealth managers, etc.) who communicate it to their clients. The latter are required to subscribe to INVEST DIRECT in order to access the full extent of the data room.

We check the most relevant documents (shareholders’ agreement, investment terms, etc.). However, there is no substitute for a proper legal due diligence.
INVEST DIRECT does not charge any fee from companies seeking financing. This will ALWAYS be the case.
The company will only pay for the pre-deal valuation and a quarterly post transaction NAV. Apollonian will directly invoice the company.
We give the power back to the company. As soon as the subscription period is over, the company receives the offers of interest and can choose which investor(s) are suitable for them.