Private Equity

Simply. Transparently. Directly.

INVEST DIRECT opens the doors of Private Equity to investors wishing to support growth companies raising equity or debt. The service is accessible through a  simple subscription fee.

Our 4-step selection process identifies the companies with the highest potential.

ALL of Private Equity’s players can join our community.

A 4-step selection

Pre-selection by INVEST DIRECT

This first filter allows INVEST DIRECT's multidisciplinary team to pre-select the most promising companies

Independent valuation

Our partner Apollonian performs a valuation of the company. In order to guarantee impartiality, INVEST DIRECT does not intervene in this process.

Validation by our Expert Committee

Thanks to the independent valuation and contacts with the management, our Expert Committee analyzes the company as a whole (management, product, competition,...).

Selection by our Wisdom Circle

The 3 previous filters allow our panel of experienced entrepreneurs to approve or not each investment opportunity. If vetted, company is presented to INVEST DIRECT subscribers.