Are your clients looking for access to high quality private deal flow? We can help

You wish to

  • Access investment opportunities for your clients or prospects?
  • Offer your clients or prospects a totally independent assessments and valuation toolbox?
  • Assist them in fundraising?

A new way to access Private Markets


Access previously inaccessible investment opportunities


Assessments and valuations are carried out by an independent third party


Retain your assets under management on securitized deals with an ISIN


Create your own fee structure for these assets


Attract new clients by offering them a new access to private markets

Frequently asked questions

Registration with Invest Direct is free. It entitles you to unlimited access to our valuation and assessment reports. You then forward them to your interested clients.

We are actively working to offer ISIN for a growing number of deals. This will enable us to add value to your clients’ portfolios. In any case, if they want to make direct investments, it would be preferable to offer them an effective solution rather than disappoint them. You’ll then become their “reference” partner, which could lead to a more fruitful relationship.

Despite market-beating returns, we understand that private equity may remain exotic for some of you.

We are working to make this asset class more accessible and transparent. This could take the form of themed meetings or training sessions with recognized experts.