For qualified investors

Our offer

  • A simple subscription of CHF 10,800 per year
  • No performance fee, no management fee
  • Quality deals at reliable valuations
  • Free choice of transactions
  • Direct relationship with the companies’ management
  • Regular and detailed reporting

Your benefits

How it works

At last I can invest in the companies I believe in.

Who is it for?

INVEST DIRECT has been designed for investors who are looking for yield and diversification. They however understand and accept Private Equity’s specific risk factors.  Indeed, these investments present significant risks of partial or total loss of capital. As a general rule, asset allocation in Private Equity should not exceed 15% of the investor’s net assets.

This type of investment is only suitable for professional investors or those considered as such. Swiss law (FinSA Art 5, para.1-2) considers that anyone who validly declares that they have :

  •  the necessary knowledge to understand the risks of investments as a result of personal training and professional experience or comparable experience in the financial sector, AND assets of at least CHF500,000,
  •  or net assets of at least CHF2’000’000.

Frequently asked questions

INVEST DIRECT has implemented a proprietary 4-step selection process:

In order to outperform listed markets, Private Equity remains an illiquid asset class. The holding period therefore depends on the company and its ability to grow successfully.
When you invest in a fund, it is often for a minimum of 7 or even 10 years, without any liquidity. Except for the most exclusive vintages…which are notoriously impossible to get into.

No, but the willingness of a company to plan it accordingly will definitely bias our judgment. However, we at INVEST DIRECT, urge companies to set up regular liquidity events on a best effort basis.

In addition to the legal skills of our team, we have lawyers among our Experts who accompany us in a limited review of the legal documentation.

On INVEST DIRECT, it is possible to buy Private Debt with a predictable yield, the return can therefore be known in advance.

When you buy into the equity of a company, your return on investment will depend on the price when you invest compared to the price when you sell your shares.

INVEST DIRECT does not charge any fee to companies to ensure complete neutrality and alignment of interests.

The subscription is paid annually. You sign the contract only once and can terminate it with a written notice of one month.

At no time will your money go through INVEST DIRECT. Your investments are made directly with the companies you have chosen.

The INVEST DIRECT platform is not regulated by FINMA. However, the management team is registered with the Swiss Register of Client Advisors with ARIF. The company is also a member of an official arbitration body, the Swiss Arbitration Centre.